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National Museum of the Marine Corps – USA

EnduroShield for Stainless Steel is an optically clear, chemical resistant, UV stable coating which helps manage surface rust, and inhibit corrosion and tea staining. The coating has been specified by the National Museum of the Marine Corps to protect a new sculptural exhibit in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park on the grounds of the museum. The $700,000 memorial sculpture honors the sacrifices of the United Nations forces who fought at the Chosin Reservoir in far North Korea during the Korean War.

The centerpiece of the memorial is topped by a 7’ tall polished stainless steel sculpture of the Star of Koto’ri. The form of the star is taken from the logo of the association of veterans from the battle who call themselves “the Chosin Few”. “EnduroShield was selected as a protective coating for the star after extensive research into various methods currently used to maintain the finish of polished stainless steel in the outdoor environment,” said sculptor Mark Byrd.

A single application of EnduroShield seals the surface, making cleaning and maintenance much easier. The difference between untreated stainless steel and treated stainless steel becomes more and more apparent as the surface ages, showing the treatment’s exceptional long term benefits.


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