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Propellers of the City – UK

EnduroShield for Glass has been applied to this amazing interactive glass sculpture in Sunderland’s Keel Square. Propellers of the City represents the shape of a propeller, celebrating Sunderland’s ship building and industrial heritage and was created by renowned blacksmith and sculptor Chris Brammall. EnduroShield glass fabrication partner Romag was contacted by Brammall to provide a solution for the glass section of the sculpture. This fantastic example of interactive art was coated with EnduroShield to ensure it is protected and requires less ongoing maintenance.

At 3.5m high, the sculpture can be rotated via a bespoke handwheel, so photographs of 500 Sunderland residents who worked in the shipyards, in roles from blacksmith and loftsman to riveter and cleaner can be viewed. The toughened glass used for the project combines laminating, tinting and printing processes, showcasing EnduroShield’s suitability to a variety of glass surfaces while keeping the interactive glass sculpture clean and clear for longer.


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