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Easy clean glass coating repels soap scum and grime

EnduroShield easy clean treatment creates an ultra-long lasting shield on all glass surfaces. The glass coating reduces cleaning time and frequency. EnduroShield repels water and contaminants, and helps protect against staining, etching and build-up from soap scum, body oils & grime, limescale & hard water, salt & chlorine spray and cement slurry. Cleaning is made easier using only a microfiber cloth with water and a mild detergent or white vinegar.


Features & benefits

  • ZGlass stays cleaner for longer
  • ZMakes cleaning a breeze
  • ZProtects against both water & oil based stains
  • ZSuperior protection against staining & etching
  • ZOnce only application & no revitilizer products required
  • ZUV stable & environmentally friendly
glass coating - EnduroShield


Extensive testing has proven EnduroShield to last beyond 10 years, enabling a genuine 10-year warranty on new glass surfaces. A 3-year limited warranty is provided for DIY application and existing glass surfaces.

glass coating - EnduroShield

How to order

EnduroShield can be purchased as an optional extra on your new shower screen, glass pool fencing & railing or windows direct from the manufacturer, ensuring that your new glass will remain easy to clean for years to come.

glass coating - EnduroShield

Shower screens

EnduroShield is perfect for new or existing shower glass. The glass coating helps repel soap scum and grime to cut cleaning by up to 90%, and eliminate the use of harsh chemical cleaners and reduce water usage.

glass coating - EnduroShield

Glass pool fencing

EnduroShield will keep glass pool fencing & railings looking cleaner for longer in between cleans and help prevent staining and etching caused by salt and chlorine. For best results clean with soapy water and a squeegee.



Our team would love to help you with any questions you may have.

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