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Habitat Horticulture – USA

The trend for lush and leafy living walls continues to grow; vertical gardens have never been more popular and the artful arrangement of wall-mounted plants is appearing more and more in both residential and commercial spaces. There have been many interpretations of the living wall sprout up across hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces and none more clever and beautiful as those created by Habitat Horticulture. Founding principal and lead designer David Brenner is a pioneer in the field of vertical gardens; the company has created living walls for the likes of Facebook, Tesla and Westfield.

EnduroShield had the pleasure of being chosen by Habitat Horticulture to protect the stainless steel support base of this beautiful living masterpiece for one of their customers in Santa Clara, CA. The stainless steel was treated with EnduroShield to protect the surface from the long term effects of the exposure to water and possible tea staining.

Another added benefit is that EnduroShield will also keep those inquisitive fingerprints at bay, making the surface easier to clean, keeping it cleaner for longer and eliminating the use of harsh chemicals leaving this living wall to thrive for years to come. Vertical gardens are a genius use of space, made even more genius with the inclusion of EnduroShield!


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