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Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion – USA

EnduroShield has been applied to another Metro project. The $4 million Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion opened to the public in 2020 after almost one year in construction and is a great testament to eco contemporary design. The Los Angeles Metro has recently completed the Chavez Bus Stop Upgrade Project that creates a new state-of-the-art transit pavilion at the second most active bus stop in Union Station. A popular stop for riders on several Metro bus lines which combined, total 6,000 daily boarding passengers.

The Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion opened to the public on October 19, 2020 improving the customer experience of bus riders with new features such as solar powered bus shelters, and innovative sustainability features that showcase environmental stewardship. As part of sustainability measures designed to cut emissions, the 8 solar panels built into triangular module shade structures were coated with EnduroShield to assist in keeping the surface of the panels cleaner for longer. This allows UV light to pass through without interference, ensuring the maximum performance of the solar panels is maintained.

EnduroShield also removes the need for harsh toxic chemicals and provides a reduction in water usage for ongoing maintenance of surfaces, thereby reducing costs, labour and environmental impact. Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti said, β€œThe Cesar Chavez Transit Pavilion builds on our historic investments in public transit with new features that will turn one of our most popular transit hubs into a model of convenience and sustainability.”


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