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Santa Barbara, CA – Dec 6, 2017 – X-Line announced as winner of US Glass Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, voted the most significant low maintenance coating machine of 2017.

US Glass Magazine is the number one Architectural publication for glass industry professionals, with the largest circulation of any glass magazine in the world. The magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Award results are in and the X-Line Automatic Coating Machine, designed and built by EnduroShield, has been recognized as the coating machine of choice by US Glass. The winning products will feature in the December 2017 issue of US Glass Magazine.

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“US Glass Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards are unique in that they are selected by our readers, recognizing their top picks for architectural glazing products,” says US Glass editor Ellen Rogers. “We are excited to recognize the X-Line with this achievement. It is the second Readers’ Choice Award the company has received, first honored in 2015 for the EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment.”

X-Line, the fully automated high speed in-line coating solution for applying EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment, allows ease of integration into existing manufacturing lines, scalable to any size operation. Some of the world’s leading glass fabricators using EnduroShield and X-Line are able to differentiate from the competition by producing easy clean, low maintenance glass that offers a value added service driving increased revenue.


“As one of North America’s largest shower door manufacturers we have partnered with EnduroShield since 2009. The migration to the X-Line, being a single piece flow solution provides us the flexibility and efficiencies consistent with our focus for continuous improvement,” said Jared Ross, President – HMI Cardinal.

The X-Line has a number of defining features which have contributed to its winning customer driven design; it offers complete flexibility with in-line or stand alone, and single sided or double sided coating options. X-Line is also the most efficient and affordable coating machine on the market, averaging just 30 seconds per panel and applying just the right amount of coating, every time.

X-Line applies the industry’s best performing easy clean coating – EnduroShield.

EnduroShield’s easy clean glass treatment has a proven performance and is independently tested, utilized on numerous buildings around the world, including landmarks such as The One World Trade Centre in New York, USA and Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Hampshire, UK. EnduroShield has even been featured in TIME Magazine, ranked as one of 10 most compelling smartest gadgets trying to save the world.

EnduroShield and X-Line – this award winning duo is the only solution for easy clean glass. “It is a great honor to be recognized by industry peers for our innovative, efficient, flexible and cost effective easy clean glass solution,” said EnduroShield Managing Director Craig Howard. “The X-Line fully automated vertical system combines uncomplicated design and smart technology to deliver a user friendly, high speed, efficient, and economical coating machine for easy implementation.”

Contact EnduroShield to discuss an X-Line at your location.

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