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Royal Motor Yacht Club – AUSTRALIA


Ideally situated on the shores of the Pittwater, the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Broken Bay is one of Australia’s premier boating clubs. Since its inception back in the 1920’s the club has undergone many changes, the latest of which includes the application of EnduroShield to its glass pool surrounds.

Between splashes from the pool and salt spray from the sea, it’s easy to see why EnduroShield was chosen to protect the glass pool fence. EnduroShield is completely invisible and keeps the glass cleaner for longer between cleans. EnduroShield creates an invisible protective barrier that prevents contaminants from etching the porous glass surface. Instead, water and contaminants bead up on the protective barrier and are easily wiped off with a damp microfibre cloth and mild detergent.

Glass pool fencing allows uninterrupted views but is susceptible to chlorine, salt spray, pool chemicals, and general air pollutants. With the addition of EnduroShield, patrons of the Royal Motor Yacht Club will now enjoy gorgeous uninterrupted views to one of the world’s most beautiful waterways through the protected glass pool fencing.



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