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The Boathouse restaurant is in one of Santa Barbara’s most idyllic beach locations. Taking full advantage of the position, the restaurant has tall windows, and a large outdoor patio surrounded by 2 meter high glass railings with stainless steel posts. Being so close to the surf, keeping the glass clean presented a constant challenge, and to add to the problem, the stainless steel posts were chronically tea stained.

The etching, staining and rust were easily removed using the EnduroShield Restoration System, with exceptional results. The glass and stainless steel surfaces were then treated with EnduroShield to help prevent the staining from reoccuring. As a result, cleaning is now quicker, easier, and less frequent. The glass and stainless steel look great, and the need for future restoration has been eliminated.

*Independently tested and certified for durability to simulate a lifetime of 10 years on interior and exterior use by TÜV Rheinland, Germany


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