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Automate now & move in-Line

High speed in-Line glass coating machine for applying EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment

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    X-Line brochure

“As one of North America’s largest shower door manufacturers, we have partnered with EnduroShield since 2009. The migration to the new X-Line, being a single piece flow solution provides us the flexibility and efficiencies consistent with our focus for continuous growth.”

Jared Ross, President – HMI Cardinal

Relied on by world leading glass fabricators

The new X-Line fully automated vertical system combines uncomplicated design and smart technology to deliver a user friendly, high speed, efficient, and economical coating machine for easy implementation. The X-Line is designed and built by EnduroShield based on customer driven design to streamline the application of EnduroShield, allowing scalability to any size operation.

EnduroShield X-LIne Readers Choice Award


Up to 30 seconds per panel or an average of 12 meters per minute.


Reduces double handling and does not impact production flow.


Economically priced with less wastage – an affordable machine which applies the right amount of coating, every time.


Single sided or double sided coating machine options available.

Value add with EnduroShield + X-Line

◊ Reduce labor and product costs by up to 25%

◊ Three machine sizes available, scalable to any size operation

◊ Automatic height sensors and precision sprayers for optimal coverage

◊ User friendly, simple touch screen interface with online monitoring of performance metrics

◊ Low maintenance and simple self-servicing with readily available parts

Suitable for all types of glass surfaces

        ◊ Tempered       ◊ Ceramic frit
        ◊ Laminated       ◊  Insulated
        Sandblasted       ◊ Low-E

Installed in-Line at some of the world’s leading

glass processing plants

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