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The Infinity Tower is a 262 metre high-rise building situated in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD in Queensland, Australia. Infinity is the latest creation by Karimbla Constructions (a division of Meriton Apartments). Completed in 2014, the uniquely designed tower contains 81 levels of commercial and serviced residential apartments. It is the tallest tower in Brisbane, and the third tallest skyscraper in Australia.

EnduroShield was chosen to protect the 20,800m² of glass façade utilised in the tower’s distinctive architectural design. EnduroShield Protective Coating for Glass shields against staining and etching from exposure to cement slurry, dirt, and grime during the construction process. Having experienced the costly and problematic need for glass replacement on previous job sites, the developer required a reliable solution for this project.

A number of options had been investigated, and EnduroShield was chosen above all due to the company’s high level of technical knowledge, experience and training. The application of EnduroShield was completed in the glass curtain wall factory. The factory received training, consultation and implementation of a quality assurance procedure. And having been certified, is now authorised to provide the EnduroShield 10 Year Warranty.

After construction was completed, the EnduroShield treated glass was easily cleaned, significantly reducing the risk of scratching, which often occurs when cleaning contractors try to remove stubborn concrete and debris from untreated glass with razor blades and abrasive cleaners.


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