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The $45 million Aerospace Research Center in Ansty Park, Coventry draws on the collaborative expertise of some of the biggest names in architecture, construction, international property, and manufacturing. EnduroShield joins the list of multinational corporations who have contributed to the creation of this ground-breaking facility.

The Aerospace Research Center is part of three developments on behalf of the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) expected to reach completion in April 2015. Set on 100 acres of beautifully landscaped parklands at Ansty Park, the state-of-the-art construction will be the new home for innovation excellence, supporting manufacturing development, and industrial aerospace design and research.

The 98,000ft2 landmark facility pushes the boundaries in architectural innovation and has acquired notable significance on a global scale. EnduroShield’s easy clean surface treatment was chosen as part of the bespoke design to protect the glass surfaces and reduce ongoing maintenance into the future. The multi-million dollar structure will be protected for beyond 10 years from staining, etching, and UV degradation.

The EnduroShield coated glass used in the Aerospace Research Center was produced by Ravensby Glass for Saint Gobain Glass (UK), a world leading glass manufacturer. Partnering with EnduroShield enables the glass manufacturer to provide a sustainable solution which meets the growing demand for economic and time efficient materials. EnduroShield easy clean surface treatment for glass chemically bonds to the glass substrate, transforming it into a high performance hydrophobic surface which will protect against staining, and reduce the effort and frequency of maintenance.

The ambitious Aerospace Research Center project marks an inspiring advancement for innovative design and is fast gathering international recognition as a world-class space.


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