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Professional Glass Coating Used By Automotive OEM’s

EnduroShield® is a single-component hydrophobic and oleophobic coating (water and oil repellent) providing long-lasting repellency for automotive glass. EnduroShield causes water and oils to bead due to surface energy modification of the glass surface, making substances significantly more likely to be removed by wind while driving at a far lower speed than an uncoated surface.

EnduroShield greatly assists in easier removal of rain, snow, ice, oils, road grime, bugs, and other organic materials. The coating is highly resistant to wiper abrasion, chemical breakdown, and degradation by ultraviolet light ensuring long term stability. EnduroShield makes the glass easy to clean and helps to protect against minerals, chemicals, and hard water.


See the Difference

EnduroShield provides clearer vision in difficult driving conditions as rainwater turns into beads which are easily swept away by the wind maximizing vision in wet weather and aiding night time driving. Forward visibility is dramatically improved through windshield’s as is side visibility on windows, especially important when changing lanes at higher speeds.

Applied to all exterior auto glass

Applied to windshield, side glass, glass roof & more. Hydrophobic coating seals the surface which aids in speeding up the drying of wet glass after washing. Long-term protection against water stains from hard water deposits and acid rain.

In an OEM windshield production line, the coating is applied post tempering and no surface preparation is required.

Independently tested

It’s official! EnduroShield was stress tested by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, a renowned independent testing organisation. The results came back conclusive.

EnduroShield is so durable that it’s backed with a 1-year warranty on automotive glass. In the absence of windscreen wipers and the constant abrasion of up and down window movement, EnduroShield will last 5+ years.

On residential homes and commercial buildings, EnduroShield comes with a 10 year warranty.


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